Point and shoot

Spin the world globe and journey with Travel Hub and Retrato

If you haven’t yet sorted your travel plans for 2017, now’s the time to take out your world maps, point to a far-off continent, and travel. Think it’s not as easy as 1-2-3? Your dream destination can become reality – talk to us and we’ll help you sort the fine details to make it happen.

Travel experts Travel Hub and Retrato are working together to make traveling to your bucket-list destinations smooth and easy.

How many ways are there to Machu Picchu? Is your craving for khachapuri so great you’re itching to travel to the Southern Caucasus’ trio of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan? Keen to lie under the desert sands of Morocco and look up at the stars? Or flirt with hippos bobbing up and down the Okavango Delta? What about hop and swim around the Philippines’ 7,007 isles (more or less, depending on the tides!)? Or wander with Frodo around the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand?

Sahara Desert, Morocco
Sahara Desert, Morocco
photo, machu picchu
Machu Picchu, Peru
Wellington, New Zealand
Wellington, New Zealand
Palawan, Philippines
Palawan, Philippines

We love adventure as much as you do and are keen to help you plan your trips (no matter how crazy or far-fetched they are). Your journey doesn’t begin when you get there – it starts when you have a chat with us.

For more information, contact me or email travel@retratonz.com

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