Inspiring travel and photography

It is the nature of a blog’s homepage like this for the author to give their reason for undertaking the daunting task of posting one’s thoughts and photos on the web. I could give a spiritual aim, for example, I could say that I want to discover the mysteries of life and have a deeper connection with the universe.  Or that this photo blog is a way to hone my craft – publishing images online allows me to get feedback from people I would not have met otherwise.

The second reason is closer to what I’m after.  I started Retrato in 2015 because I wanted an online photo album that I could share with people who had the same interests in photography and travel. I needed something to provide credence to my claims and a medium where I could be criticised (gently please) for my work.

In late 2016 an opportunity arose for me to work with Travel Hub New Zealand as consultant.  Finally, a chance to earn from something I love to do.  If you want to know more about this exciting venture, read my blog post Point and shoot.

Travel and photography are the themes of this blog. For me, one can’t exist without the other.  One night, after taking a photo of my tent camped in the Namibian desert, I lay outside and looked up at the stars. I felt insignificant and small amid nature’s beauty.  And you could say, perhaps at that moment, I did gain a deeper connection with the universe.

Camping under the stars, Spitzkoppe, Namibia.

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