35mm: India

Who wouldn’t be thrilled with Taj Mahal? Accounts from the past tell of stories about Taj artisans whose fingers were cut off, so that the beauty of the monument will not be replicated. Others say that Shah Jahan was set to build a duplicate Taj Mahal in black marble for himself, to stand beside that of his beloved–but he was imprisoned by his son Aurangzeb, and spent his last days locked in a balcony gazing longingly at the Taj Mahal.

I admit I am slightly cynical about love, and tend to shun affection that lean towards the maudlin and sentimental. My visit to Taj Mahal taught me to be more conciliatory–for it weren’t for a maudlin and sentimental man, this enchanting vision of marble wouldn’t be standing in our midst.

Taj close up

It’s like your first taste, love, of vindaloo
That sets your heart on fire
And if you let her stuff get into you
It will be all that you desire

–Taste of India, Aerosmith

Delhi 1

Delhi 2

Delhi bird

Ent angle

Tomb 2
Humayun’s tomb, the Taj Mahal look-a-like in Delhi
The dark tower of Qutb Minar
Sugar n spice and everything nice.


All images were taken using 35mm film.

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