My solo exhibit at The Gallery in Wellington.

Untouched F

Untouched: the San people of Namibia

Like all San people of southern Africa, the San from Namibia are hunter-gatherers who live in an egalitarian society. Women are greatly respected, may hunt for food, and are also consulted for important decisions in the family and group. Children have no chores to do but play, and life for all is often a montage of conversation, music, and dance.

Printed in black and white, the photo series ‘Untouched: the San people of Namibia’ shows dramatic and candid images of the people in a day in their lives. Moreover, the series is a portrait of gracefulness evoked by beautiful silhouettes, the love of a mother for her child, billowing smoke from burning, and the sinewed lines of a hunter.

Photographer Rodolfo Peña used what he calls his ‘minimalist’ style to photograph the San people. With the barest use of photo-enhancing software, he said that the San didn’t need much retouching anyway. “They’re beautiful as they are.”!exhibitions/c21j5

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