35mm: Jaipur

Rediscovering Jaipur

It’s always inevitable – in my case anyway – that when one digs and sorts through mountains of clutter one would find a gem somewhere within. This gem could be a favourite T-shirt from one’s teen-age years, a vinyl of the Eagles’ Hotel California (reported to have evil undertones), or a whole pile of clipped negatives amid an ephemera of film negatives.

Here are a few street photos I took in Jaipur, India, more than a decade ago. Back then this popular tourist destination to me seemed to be frozen in time, perhaps looking much like it was when it was founded by Maharajah Jai Singh II in the 18th century.

Jaipur, nicknamed the Pink City for its rose-coloured walls, is a photographer’s dream. I recall feeling wonder on my short visit years ago. I’m betting it hasn’t changed much since then – and that, I think, is just as well.

What a vintage photo, except the carton saying ‘The most trusted name in paints’ kicks you back to the present.
This man told me he has no desire for the riches of the world.
Tiger fort without the tiger, but lots of elephants.
If I only knew Hindi, I would have loved to chat with them.
Women in red saris.



Amer Fort still looks formidable today and is the site of some Bollywood films.



Jaipur is the Pink City, but you can see orange, red, and brown as well.

All images used 35mm film.

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