La Boqueria, Barcelona

La Boqueria is one place you can’t miss if you’re strolling along Barcelona’s famous La Rambla. Built in the late 1820s on the site of the former St Joseph monastery, today this ‘mercat’ (market) is one of Europe’s busiest, offering Catalonia’s most delicious fare.


An old photo showing people in the Boqueria of the past.



This is the type of dining I like. Munch on tapas while strolling, or sit, dine, and chat with the locals and tourists while sipping some wine. Spanish and Catalan are spoken here, but if you speak in English almost everyone will understand you.
Toast your bread, rub it with fresh tomatoes, drizzle with olive oil, and eat. That’s the long way. Short way is to choose a spread, and there’s an array here.
I’d like a tiny slice of each, please.


Brochetas and fresh fruit juice if you’re looking for something light.
No, they’re not haggling. They can’t choose which chorizo to get.
Fruit in season, all in ready-to-go packs.



My favourite? Sliced Jamon Iberico on top of freshly cooked seafood paella.
What do I say to hunger? Not now, not today.

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